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What we do

Order-In is an online portal with a wide selection of food outlets within your local area. We deliver fast food & restaurant quality food from household names & local independents as well as some national chains.

How do we do it and our promise

We give our customers a seamless and unique experience! When you order from our website you are then notified every step of the order process & can track your delivery.

Support local restaurants, eat well and keep your money in the community!

Order from the best independent, locally owned and operated food businesses! Easy On-Demand delivery provided by dedicated, carefully vetted and smart-serve trained drivers.

We are committed to giving our customers a real good friendly experience and have developed our website based on these principles.

The breakdown of our percentage charges is as follows:

For the first 4 months the takeaways will make a 8% profit.

For Example: These figures are based on a £20 takeaway order.

Order In will charge 23% on top of the takeaway menu price.

  • 23% of £20 = £4.60
  • £20-23% = £15.40
  • 10% = £2.00 will go back to the customer in the form of a discount code
  • 8% = £1.60 will go back to the takeaway
  • 5% = £1.00 comes to Order-In

The menu price is £15.40 + £1.60 which is the 8%, this is the what the take away is going to make on a £20 order.

We will do marketing in the first 4 months through social media and leaflets. In the 4 months it will give us a chance to grow the takeaway sales. We will continue to do this through marketing after the 4 months have passed when the 8% profit for the takeaways will change to 3%.

After the 4 months the takeaways will make a 3% profit.

For Example these figures are based on a £20 order.

  • 23% of £20 = £4.60
  • 10% = £2.00 will go back to the customer in the form of a discount code
  • 3% = £0.60 will go back to the takeaway
  • 10% = £2.00 comes to Order-In

In comparison to other companies we are not charging the takeaways to join Order-In, we are paying the takeaways to use our service.

From our research other companies charge up to 30% per transaction and have a joining fee of up to £700. Other companies also charge ridiculous amount of service charge, rental fees starting from £100 and additional charges for machinery. All this added up could cost the takeaway and the customer’s a lot of money.

Order-In doesn’t charge the takeaway for the first 4 months. In return we are giving you 8% back as a signing up reward. After first 4 months Order-In will promise to give you 3% back of all the commissions charged to the customer.

Order-In are willing to put down between £399+ vat  per month on advertisement and marketing so we can promise you up to 20% profit during the first year.

Cost of machinery breakdown

Till £399+ vat

There is also a service charge of £2 per day starting after the first 4 months have passed. In return to this the vendors will receive 3% of all profits made.